Purpose Driven Adventure | Millennials and Volunteerism

Millennials are looking for authenticity in their entertainment and this filters into their vacation choices, lifestyle choices, and hobbies.  With activism on the rise, Millennials are looking towards purpose driven adventures that allow them to participate in a movement that they see as being beneficial to the community while socializing.

Springtime in Montreal

Sometimes when you travel to a new city,  you overwhelm yourself with making sure you experience everything it has to offer.  Other times you settle in, use the local bike rental system, and explore it with the laid-back sensibilities of a Canadian.  Montreal was a great city to roam around in and their Bixi City Bike rental made it incredibly easy to feel like a local.


The Rise of the #BossBabe

In the spring of 2014 Sophia Amoruso came in swinging with the release of the book #girlboss and a giant billboard on the road to Coachella. This inspired thousands of girls to embrace their power in the workforce, in their creative endeavours and in their ability to thrive in what has been a historically male-dominated role: being a boss.     

After the Art in Basel, Switzerland

The original Art Basel is being held this weekend in Switzerland.  The Art Fair kicked off on June 18th and will go until June 21st.  With over 200 galleries represented, artwork ranges from the great masters to emerging artists.  But after you visit the fair, where should you spend your time?  We've rounded up some spots for food, fun and culture.

Anna Karenina and Daisy Buchanan bring the Fall Fashion

Fashion designers took a page from the great novels when thinking of their fall 2012 looks.  Fortunately for us, we can take bits and pieces of the fur and damask from the Russian elite and the dripping jewels and glitz and glam of the roaring 20's and merge them to find our own decadent looks for fall.