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Past. Present. Future

I have a strong belief that art, design, music, culinary arts, fashion, pop, and sub-cultures are all intertwined, breathing life into one another. Referencing the history of all of these creative worlds and how the past influences today's trends is a vital component to predicting what's new and what's next.  I find myself maintaining interest across all industries in order to give weight to projecting future trends, and habits.

As a creative, with a superior eye for development, from concept through execution I have a proven ability to work across multiple classifications, customer/brand segments, and price points.

I enjoy team building and creating constructive environments where everyone can join the conversation. I'm a social person and bring that to my presentations and day to day work.

With over a decade of experience within the fashion and home interiors industry I have worked with couture fashion and big box retailers focusing on big picture trends and how they can work with an individual brand.  My goal is to bring that expertise to you.