NYC x Design 2017 Key Trends

NYC x Design is full of inspiring and aspirational interior looks and many designers take their inspiration from the events of the day, pop culture, and the environment in which they live. Below is a break down of some of the reoccurring trends.

Multiple designers were inspired by glacial decline, ice, snow strata and the quiet beauty of Antarctica. Can Design call attention to climate change and still be beautiful?  Is it possible for form, function and environmental consciousness to exist in one product? 


While we have seen the spiritual crystal trend being embraced by the Urban Outfitters, Coachella, and Ojai set it has also hit the luxury design world. This is a beautiful way to introduce mysticism, light, texture and soft color in your home.

Shadow play showed up quite a bit this year.  Sculptural lighting pulls double duty by looking beautiful on its own and then creating interesting shadows and altering the vibe of the room into something magical.