2017 Red Carpet Color Call Outs: Pink & Yellow

Every award show season, the red carpet introduces us to standout fashionistas and trending colors.  While what goes down the runway can frequently take up to a year to show up in retail stores, what we see on the red carpet can show up in retail at a much quicker pace.  

Color is an easy way to bring red carpet glam to the masses.  This year's red carpet roundup brought us two colors competing for our attention.  Pink and Yellow.

I anticipate seeing Yellow fashion in retail windows at your favorite stores immediately.  While Pink is a classic color, it is evolving away from the pink of your youth and feels more grown up.  Millennial Pink has been trending; the color is dusty, but variations have us wearing pastel pink as well as corals.  If the red carpet is any indicator, expect to see more pink and yellow this spring. 

FashionNicole RodillComment